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10/30/23: How Tim Moore Got a Sanctioned Lawyer on a Commission That Disciplines Lawyers The Assembly

8/23/23: Oppo Man The Assembly

3/16/23: Cooper’s Veto Predicament The Assembly

2/7/23: The Vote Wrangler The Assembly

2/5/23: Mark Walker Floats a Test Balloon The Assembly


12/19/22: North Carolina elections officials call do-over election after local poll worker wrongly claimed a candidate had died WRAL

12/16/22: Silent on Trump, NC congressional Republicans won't say whether they'll support his 2024 run WRAL

12/16/22: NC Supreme Court strikes down state Senate map, voter ID law. Republican lawmakers plan to revisit both issues next year WRAL

12/15/22: Cooper selects voting access advocate Allison Riggs to fill appeals court seat WRAL

12/15/22: Cawthorn faces $193K lawsuit over unpaid legal bills WRAL

12/14/22: 'We need more statesmen': Burr calls on Congress to reduce divisions, better equip itself for future problems WRAL

12/13/22: Prosecutors assessing whether to charge former US Rep. Mark Meadows following probe into NC voting activity WRAL

12/6/22: Cawthorn fined $15K for promoting cryptocurrency, cleared of other ethics allegations WRAL

11/29/22: NC officials unanimously certify midterm election results, report 'tremendous' turnout WRAL

11/27/22: One-term congressmen? Who Republicans could target in the upcoming redistricting process WRAL

11/22/22: Lindberg insurance companies to be liquidated, NC court rules WRAL

11/16/22: FEC asks Budd, Beasley to explain and return more than $71K in questionable donations WRAL

11/15/22: Republicans tap NC's Hudson to lead House fundraising committee WRAL

11/15/22: Candidate quality comes into focus as NC Republicans reflect on missed opportunities in Congress WRAL

11/8/22: Who will represent you in Congress? Results come in as Democrats and Republican seek US House control WRAL

11/8/22: Budd defeats Beasley in North Carolina's US Senate race, helping GOP hold key seat WRAL

11/8/22: Republicans gain control of state Supreme Court. How that could impact voting rights and abortion access WRAL

11/8/22: Davis wins eastern NC battleground, taking seat of retiring Butterfield WRAL 

11/8/22: Nickel wins Triangle congressional seat, boosting NC Democrats' numbers in US House WRAL

11/6/22: NC Democrats poised to gain ground in Congress, but how long will it last? WRAL

11/3/22: In eastern NC battleground, Davis and Smith tangle over country's direction WRAL

10/28/22: Beasley takes $2M cash advantage over Budd as election nears, but outside spending favors Republicans WRAL

10/27/22: Schwarzenegger, others weigh in on closely watched NC redistricting lawsuit WRAL

10/26/22: North Carolina's US Senate race remains tight, new polls show WRAL

10/21/22: Nickel plays offense in NC's lone congressional toss-up, moderates messaging WRAL

10/21/22: Bo's time? NC Republican political newcomer draws fire in bid for toss-up congressional seat WRAL

10/17/22: Democrats outraise Republicans in key NC races, but conservative groups are bolstering GOP prospects WRAL

10/7/22: Beasley, Budd tangle over economy, abortion, other policies in US Senate debate WRAL

10/7/22: North Carolinians favor tighter gun laws, fear they'll become mass shooting victims, WRAL News Poll shows WRAL

10/6/22: NC residents oppose K-3 sexual orientation teaching but also want to protect students questioning gender and sexuality, WRAL News poll shows WRAL

10/6/22: North Carolinians hurting financially, pessimistic about economic future, WRAL News Poll shows WRAL

10/5/22: North Carolinians support 20-week abortion ban, split on further restrictions, WRAL News Poll shows WRAL

10/4/22: Control of NC's high court is at stake in November. Which party leads in a new WRAL News poll WRAL

10/3/22: Budd, Beasley deadlocked in US Senate race as economic concerns weigh NC voters, WRAL News poll shows WRAL

10/3/22: Nearly half of NC Republicans have little to no confidence ballots will be counted properly this year, WRAL poll shows WRAL

10/3/22: Who would win NC in 2024? Biden and Trump neck-and-neck in hypothetical rematch, WRAL News poll shows WRAL

10/1/22: 'I'm the moderate': In NC toss-up district, congressional candidates soften positions WRAL

9/30/22: Tillis endorses Hines, police group backs Nickel in competitive Triangle congressional race WRAL

9/29/22: NC voters worry of civil war, brace for possibility of political violence WRAL

9/25/22: How NC Attorney General Josh Stein is bracing for his next big political fight WRAL

9/22/22: 'Nonexistent' relationship prompts call for law requiring more communication between Cooper and Robinson WRAL

9/18/22: The enigma of Mark Robinson: How NC's outspoken lieutenant governor is climbing the GOP ladder WRAL

9/17/22: NC Supreme Court candidates offer different visions for holding state lawmakers accountable WRAL

9/16/22: NC Treasurer Dale Folwell mulling run for governor in 2024 WRAL

9/14/22: Beasley, Budd agree to debate in key US Senate contest WRAL

9/12/22: How NC judicial candidates plan to confront partisan perception on Supreme Court WRAL

9/6/22: Sen. Burr gained $164K, avoided $87K in losses from 'well-timed stock sales' at start of Covid-19 pandemic WRAL

9/4/22: North Carolina candidates pivot toward middle as general election approaches WRAL

9/2/22: NC Democrat in key legislative race can appear on ballot, state elections officials say WRAL

9/2/22: Triangle congressional candidates Hines, Nickel tangle over qualifications, community connection WRAL

8/31/22: Budd, angling for conservative NC voters in Senate race, calls for tighter immigration enforcement WRAL

8/29/22: Beasley seeks to claim law enforcement mantle in US Senate race WRAL

8/25/22: NC commission rejects proposal for tighter restrictions on poll watchers WRAL

8/23/22: State elections officials to consider removing Democrat from ballot in key legislative race WRAL

8/22/22: In memoir, NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson mulls 2024 run, calls for taking science, history out of elementary schools WRAL

8/19/22: NC Supreme Court says lawmakers voted into office through gerrymandered districts may have limited authority in amending state constitution WRAL

8/17/22: AG Stein calls on voters to decide abortion access, pushes back on NC's 20-week abortion ban WRAL

8/16/22: Republican seeks to remove Democratic opponent from hotly contested NC Senate race over residency dispute WRAL

8/15/22: US Rep. Madison Cawthorn reports $300K campaign deficit after month-long filing delay WRAL

8/5/22: Federal judge to NC elections board: Put Green Party candidates on November ballots WRAL

8/4/22: Democratic group led by Cooper spends big to bolster far-right Republicans WRAL

8/2/22: North Carolina unaffiliated voters sue over elections board appointment requirements WRAL

8/1/22: NCGOP reports bomb threat, says Hillsborough Street building now safe WRAL

8/1/22: NC Green Party gets state recognition. Will its candidates be on the November ballot? WRAL

7/28/22: 'I'm not very good at math.' Lt. Gov. Robinson pays off tax bills dating back to 2006 after WRAL inquiry WRAL

7/25/22: Few Wake County voters are participating in Tuesday's election. Why you should care WRAL

7/21/22: Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones can't apply to work at UNC-Chapel until 2028, settlement says WRAL

7/19/22: Former NC commerce, environmental secretary John Skvarla dies WRAL

7/19/22: US Rep. Alma Adams of NC says colleague should be 'ashamed' for likening abortion rights protesters to Jan. 6 rioters WRAL

7/19/22: 'This was never about me.' Hannah-Jones says UNC settlement goes beyond money WRAL

7/18/22: Top NC Dems approach November election with cash edge over GOP rivals WRAL

7/15/22: Green Party consultant, dodging NC investigators, says he didn't do anything wrong WRAL

7/11/22: NC's Covid state of emergency to be lifted Aug. 15, Gov. Cooper announces WRAL

7/11/22: Cooper rejects bill compelling local officials to work more closely with ICE WRAL

7/11/22: NC Gov. Roy Cooper approves $27.9B state budget proposal WRAL

7/8/22: Cooper signs 'Weston's Law' to make elevators safer in NC rental homes WRAL

7/7/22: Cooper OK's bills for loosened alcohol laws, free rape kits and added domestic abuse protections WRAL

7/3/22: High hopes and dashed plans: GOP policy flops prompt calls for further action WRAL

7/1/22: NC budget, immigration enforcement, other measures sent to Cooper as legislative session wanes WRAL

6/30/22: Green Party left off NC ballots amid fraud investigation, elections board says WRAL

6/29/22: Hemp legalization, elevator safety, alcohol bills and more head to Cooper for signature WRAL

6/29/22: NC budget proposal stockpiles cash to tackle inflation WRAL

6/28/22: Farmers 'desperately worried' as hemp legalization deadline approaches WRAL

6/28/22: 'No one forces anyone to have sex,' NC congressman Greg Murphy's Twitter account says after Roe decision WRAL

6/27/22: Sharing your contact info to get a drink at a food-less bar? NC law seeks to overhaul requirement WRAL

6/27/22: NC House leader: Lawmakers reach budget deal, set to unveil specifics on Tuesday WRAL

6/24/22: In their words: What NC leaders want to see following US Supreme Court abortion ruling WRAL

6/24/22: How long will abortion remain legal in NC? State Republicans weigh next steps WRAL

6/23/22: US Supreme Court rules Republicans can defend NC voter ID law in court battle WRAL

6/15/22: Wary about inflation, interest rates, North Carolinians adjust lifestyles to cut costs WRAL

6/14/22: Beasley, Budd in close race for US Senate seat, WRAL News poll shows WRAL

6/13/22: North Carolinians say they want stricter gun laws amid heightened fear of gun violence, WRAL News poll shows WRAL

6/12/22: Medical marijuana bill stalls in North Carolina. Why cannabis advocates are frustrated WRAL

6/8/22: Backdoor to legalized weed? Bill potentially legalizing marijuana if feds do heads to Cooper WRAL

6/8/22: NC Senate OK's yearlong pause to automatic deletion of certain criminal records WRAL

6/7/22: NC bill seeks to strengthen domestic violence protections WRAL

6/7/22: NC lawmakers advance plan to give foster care children statewide health coverage WRAL

6/2/22: NC lawmakers mull proposal to crack down on PFAS contamination WRAL

6/2/22: Medicaid expansion bill faces uncertain future as it advances to NC House WRAL

6/1/22: Legalized hemp clears NC House ahead of looming deadline WRAL

6/1/22: Bill legalizing medical marijuana advances to NC Senate floor WRAL

5/19/22: NC candidates tiptoed past media, opponents on path to primary victories WRAL

5/17/22: Hines wins competitive, closely watched Triangle-area GOP primary WRAL

5/17/22: Don Davis, Sandy Smith advance to November election for Butterfield seat WRAL

5/17/22: Beasley, Budd clinch US Senate nods, advance to November election WRAL

5/11/22: Hines' challenge raises question: If a robot quotes accurately, is an ad deceitful? WRAL

5/10/22: NC congressional candidate championing 'America-first economy' hands out Chinese-made hats to voters WRAL

5/8/22: Beasley braces for US Senate general election, positions herself as NC's lone moderate WRAL

5/6/22: U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn gave cousin $141K in campaign and taxpayer funds, records show WRAL

5/4/22: As high court mulls Roe v. Wade, Democrats and Republicans sharpen focus on legislative races WRAL

5/3/22: Abortion takes on heightened political importance as NC primary nears WRAL

4/29/22: Princeton finds 'no credible allegations' of data manipulation from researcher who helped in NC redistricting WRAL

4/29/22: Triangle congressional candidate Bo Hines moves to district a month out from election WRAL

4/28/22: Princeton redistricting expert who analyzed NC voting maps faces university investigation WRAL

4/26/22: McCrory and Walker weigh in on Trump's influence at Budd-free US Senate debate WRAL

4/26/22: Cawthorn cited for bringing loaded gun to Charlotte airport, police say WRAL

4/25/22: Butterfield backs moderate Democrat Davis in race for northeastern NC congressional district WRAL

4/24/22: School-choice PAC floods NC airwaves in heated US Senate GOP primary WRAL

4/23/22: Primary battle to replace U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield becomes a barometer for NC Democrats WRAL

4/22/22: U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn responds to lingerie photos WRAL

4/20/22: NC GOP Senate candidates tangle over education, 2020 election results WRAL

4/20/22: $1.5M ad campaign touts Robinson's backing of Budd; McCrory calls claims 'total deception' WRAL

4/18/22: Democratic group rescinds support for Triangle congressional candidate over contributions from pro-Israel group WRAL

4/17/22: Smart tactic or missed opportunity? Budd is the latest GOP frontrunner to avoid debates WRAL

4/14/22: 7 takeaways from WRAL's U.S. Senate GOP primary debate WRAL

4/13/22: Former NC congressman, chief of staff to Trump removed from state voter rolls WRAL

4/11/22: Budd leads McCrory in US Senate race, WRAL News poll shows WRAL

4/9/22: NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson backs Ted Budd's U.S. Senate bid WRAL

4/9/22: Trump's staying power in NC politics at stake after rally bolstering hardline Republicans WRAL

4/7/22: Hines faces GOP pushback to congressional bid ahead of NC Trump rally WRAL

4/5/22: NC town accused of mishandling funds recently violated open meetings law, state officials say WRAL

4/5/22: NC treasurer wants Congress to make it easier for states to sue Russia over economic losses WRAL

3/30/22: Tillis says he won't support Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson WRAL

3/27/22: Allies distance themselves from NC's Madison Cawthorn, ex-supporters seek to oust him WRAL

3/24/22: NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson says he and his wife made mistake not to go through with pregnancy before marriage WRAL

3/23/22: 'It was wrong': North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson says he paid for abortion in 1989 WRAL

3/22/22: NC GOP's US Senate primary turns personal as Budd, Walker tangle for Trump base WRAL

3/20/22: Why a group from outside NC is spending millions to influence the state's US Senate race WRAL

3/12/22: Unaffiliated voters overtake Democrats, now largest voting bloc in North Carolina WRAL

3/10/22: US Rep. Madison Cawthorn calls Ukrainian president 'thug,' later says both Russia, Ukraine are 'very vile' WRAL

3/9/22: NC Treasurer asks Congress to make it easier for states to seize Russian assets WRAL

3/9/22: NC Senate Republicans fail to override Cooper veto on mask bill WRAL

3/7/22: Former NC congressman registered to vote in home where he purportedly never stayed WRAL

3/7/22: US Supreme rejects NC GOP effort to halt congressional map WRAL

3/6/22: NC pension fund holds $80M in Russian assets. Why divesting might not be possible WRAL

3/5/22: 7 competitive North Carolina political races you should watch WRAL

3/2/22: Voter advocacy groups ask US Supreme Court to deny NC GOP effort to halt congressional map WRAL

3/2/22: UNC student president seeks dismissal of university board member WRAL

3/1/22: Hines, Ellmers running for competitive Raleigh-area congressional seat WRAL

2/28/22: Cooper directs state agencies to end contracts and operations that benefit Russia WRAL

2/28/22: US Rep. Madison Cawthorn to seek reelection in NC's westernmost district WRAL

2/26/22: 7 takeaways from NC GOP's first U.S. Senate primary debate WRAL

2/25/22: Jeff Jackson announces bid for Charlotte-area congressional seat WRAL

2/24/22: Who's running for Congress in North Carolina? See where 2022 candidates are competing WRAL

2/24/22: Cooper vetoes bill that would have ended school mask mandates WRAL

2/24/22: NC candidate filing resumes after state Supreme Court decision WRAL

2/23/22: NC Supreme Court OK's new voting maps for 2022 election WRAL

2/22/22: NC halts business grant applications as lawmakers mull program expansion WRAL

2/21/22: NC Republicans seek dismissal of research assistants over 'tainted' redraw process WRAL

2/20/22: Winners and losers: Who benefits from GOP's redrawn congressional map WRAL

2/18/22: NC congressional candidates jockey for position as new voting maps face judicial review WRAL

2/17/22: Ellmers, Hines to vie for competitive Greensboro-area House seat WRAL

2/17/22: NC lawmakers OK new legislative, congressional maps WRAL

2/16/22: NC House Republicans OK redrawn chamber map that boosts Democrats ahead of 2022 election WRAL

2/16/22: North Carolina lawmakers release revised maps. Here's what they look like WRAL

2/15/22: Proposed NC congressional redraw boosts Democrats' 2022 prospects WRAL

2/14/22: NC Supreme Court had constitutional duty to strike down GOP maps, Democratic majority says in full opinion WRAL

2/11/22: NC lawmakers, voting groups have one week to submit new election maps. Where things stand WRAL

2/10/22: Republicans adopt more secretive approach to redrawing maps WRAL

2/7/22: Republicans to redraw voting maps following NC Supreme Court order WRAL

2/6/22: New voting maps could help NC Democrats. Why the boost may not last WRAL

2/4/22: North Carolina Supreme Court strikes down new voting maps WRAL

2/3/22: NC's constitution doesn't promise 'fair' elections WRAL

2/3/22: What happens next in North Carolina's redistricting case WRAL

2/1/22: Cawthorn sues to stop NC election officials from considering effort to have his name removed from ballot WRAL

1/31/22: Budd surpasses McCrory in latest fundraising haul WRAL

1/28/22: Cooper vetoes Republican effort to delay primary election WRAL

1/27/22: Duke researchers warn of complacency for NC Democrats ahead of 2022 election WRAL

1/24/22: State parks system reports record number of visitors WRAL

1/23/22: NC government workers take up inflated share of available tests WRAL

1/21/22: Cooper pivoting away from mandates as pandemic stresses hospital systems WRAL

1/18/22: NC Republicans are pushing for primary election delay with runoffs. Democrats are skeptical of the plan. WRAL

1/17/22: NC Republicans to vote on whether to further delay primary elections WRAL

1/16/22: NC Supreme Court justices asked to sit out redistricting case over perceived conflicts of interest WRAL

1/11/22: Voting maps favorable to NC Republicans allowed to move forward, judges rule WRAL

1/10/22: Clay Aiken says anti-LGBTQ comments fueled congressional entry WRAL

1/9/22: Few state employees fired over Covid requirements WRAL


12/23/21: Bishop sues for NC judges to share 2022 election delay votes Associated Press

12/20/21: Cooper pushes for COVID boosters, won't reimpose mandates Associated Press

12/13/21: North Carolina confirms 1st case of omicron variant Associated Press

12/10/21: NC GOP Senate primary intensifies as campaigns go negative Associated Press

12/9/21: North Carolina's Mark Walker staying in Senate race, for now Associated Press

12/8/21: Ex-Rep. Renee Ellmers mounts bid for congressional return Associated Press

12/6/21: North Carolina court delays, then restores candidate filing Associated Press

11/24/21: 1 in 6 North Carolina adults have gotten COVID-19 booster Associated Press

11/23/21: NC lawmakers John Szoka, Ben Clark launch congressional bids Associated Press

11/23/21: Cooper approves bill formalizing NC prep sports oversight Associated Press

11/23/21: Erica Smith ends US Senate bid, moves to replace Butterfield Associated Press

11/18/21: Democrat Rep. Butterfield to retire, new district is toss-up Associated Press

11/17/21: NC Republicans advance bill limiting mail-in ballot counting Associated Press

11/16/21: NC Gov. Cooper says he'll sign 2-year budget bill into law Associated Press

11/15/21: NC Republicans unveil final budget with pay raises, tax cuts Associated Press

11/12/21: North Carolina man wrongfully imprisoned 24 years pardoned Associated Press

11/12/21: Rep. Madison Cawthorn running in new congressional district Associated Press

11/10/21: Few North Carolina children 5-11 vaccinated in early rollout Associated Press

11/5/21: North Carolina sued over newly passed maps favoring GOP Associated Press

11/3/21: COVID shots for North Carolina kids 5 to 11 widely available Associated Press

10/30/21: Ex-NC Gov. McCrory eyes political comeback with Senate bid Associated Press

10/26/21: COVID spread plummeting in North Carolina, state data shows Associated Press

10/25/21: North Carolina's $25 reward helped boost COVID vaccinations Associated Press

10/24/21: Race-blind redistricting? Democrats incredulous at GOP maps Associated Press

10/19/21: UNC may keep affirmative action in admissions, judge says Associated Press

10/15/21: Beasley again the top fundraiser in NC US Senate race Associated Press

10/12/21: Robinson declines again to apologize for anti-LGBTQ remarks Associated Press

10/11/21: Nearly all state health workers vaccinated in North Carolina Associated Press

10/11/21: NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson under attack over anti-LGBT views Associated Press

10/5/21: Cary mother, military veteran enters GOP Senate primary Associated Press

10/5/21: Court: McCrory backers can be sued for defaming 2016 voters Associated Press

10/5/21: Opponents target Ted Budd, Trump's choice in GOP Senate race Associated Press

10/4/21: North Carolina COVID trends improve despite low vaccinations Associated Press

9/23/21: 1 in 3 NC workers in Cooper order still not fully vaccinated Associated Press

9/20/21: Union Co. to comply with COVID protocols amid lawsuit threat Associated Press

9/16/21: Outbreaks strand some students at home with minimal learning Associated Press

9/10/21: Gov vetoes North Carolina bill limiting K-12 racial teaching Associated Press

9/7/21: North Carolina schools see major COVID spread as year begins Associated Press

9/1/21: Bill to curb racial teaching goes to North Carolina governor Associated Press

8/31/21: North Carolina bill raising riot penalties heads to Cooper Associated Press

8/28/21: Rural North Carolina schools using COVID-19 funds for tech Associated Press

8/26/21: North Carolina Senate OK's bill limiting racial teachings Associated Press

8/25/21: Virus straining NC hospitals: 'We don't want your business' Associated Press

8/25/21: Bill to increase riot penalties clears North Carolina Senate Associated Press

8/24/21: Bill to curb racial teachings advances in North Carolina Associated Press

8/19/21: 2 dead, 20 missing in North Carolina county flooded by Fred Associated Press

8/18/21: Tropical Depression Fred threatens mudslides in New York Associated Press

8/17/21: Wet and unwelcome, Fred spawns twisters and flooding in US Associated Press

8/16/21: Medically at-risk North Carolinians can get third COVID shot Associated Press

8/13/21: Raleigh mandates masks; vaccinated city workers to get $250 Associated Press

8/12/21: North Carolina House approves budget with veto-proof support Associated Press

8/12/21: Charlotte grows quickly, but Wake Co. remains most populous Associated Press

8/10/21: North Carolina's $100 reward offer ignites vaccine interest Associated Press

8/9/21: Bill to raise NC riot penalties clears Senate committee Associated Press

8/9/21: North Carolina sports gambling bill clears another committee Associated Press

8/9/21: Durham county, city reimpose mask mandate starting Monday Associated Press

8/5/21: Cheri Beasley's campaign manager, finance director quit Associated Press

8/5/21: Bill going to Cooper requires parents to OK kid's COVID shot Associated Press

8/5/21: NC college students must get COVID shot or be tested weekly Associated Press

8/4/21: North Carolina experts worry as schools don't require masks Associated Press

8/3/21: More North Carolinians getting COVID shot amid delta variant Associated Press

8/2/21: Threat of rising evictions looms in North Carolina Associated Press

7/30/21: EXPLAINER: Will NC tenants be evicted when moratorium ends? Associated Press

7/29/21: North Carolina reverses course, urges masks in all schools Associated Press

7/28/21: North Carolina requiring state health workers to get vaccine Associated Press

7/27/21: WakeMed to require all workers get COVID-19 vaccine Associated Press

7/26/21: COVID-19 surging as North Carolina set to ease restrictions Associated Press

7/22/21: Major North Carolina hospitals to order staff to get vaccine Associated Press

7/22/21: McCrory pushes for 3 GOP primary debates in Senate race Associated Press

7/21/21: Cooper moves to end North Carolina's statewide mask mandate Associated Press

7/16/21: Beasley, McCrory on top in latest Senate fundraising haul Associated Press

7/15/21: North Carolina selects second COVID vaccine lottery winners Associated Press

7/14/21: N. Carolina GOP would ban K-12 promotion of views about race Associated Press

7/8/21: North Carolina GOP senate candidate Pat McCrory raises $1.2M Associated Press

7/7/21: Democratic US Senate candidate Cheri Beasley raises $1.3M Associated Press

7/7/21: Judge jails editor over reporter’s use of recorder in court Associated Press

6/30/21: NC advances bill to prevent 6-year-olds from going to court Associated Press

6/30/21: Report shows minimal COVID transmission within N.C. schools Associated Press

6/29/21: Tenants still protected as NC eviction moratorium nears end Associated Press

6/29/21: North Carolina bill aims to stop prosecuting 6-year-olds Associated Press

6/28/21: North Carolina announces first COVID vaccine lottery winners Associated Press

6/25/21: Cooper vetoes NC bill banning Down syndrome abortions Associated Press

6/25/21: North Carolina remains near bottom in COVID-19 vaccinations Associated Press

6/25/21: EXPLAINER: How NC is distributing $1.3B in rental aid Associated Press

6/24/21: EXPLAINER: So much buzz, but what is critical race theory? Associated Press

6/22/21: DISPATCH: In tornado's wake, navigating a reluctant town Associated Press

6/10/21: N. Carolina ban on Down syndrome abortions goes to governor Associated Press

6/10/21: NC to give out $1 million each to 4 vaccinated residents Associated Press

6/4/21: North Carolina accepts no new COVID-19 vaccines this week Associated Press

6/2/21: Cooper nearing rollout of financial perks for vaccination Associated Press

6/2/21: N.C. Senate committees move to ban Down syndrome abortions Associated Press

5/29/21: State GOP lawmakers try to limit teaching about race, racism Associated Press

5/27/21: NC reports millionth COVID case as vaccine demand drops Associated Press

5/17/21: Trump to speak at North Carolina GOP convention on June 5 Associated Press

5/12/21: North Carolina House approves bill to limit teaching of race Associated Press

5/11/21: 'Born-alive' abortion measure clears N. Carolina Senate Associated Press

5/11/21: N.C. Republicans push bill to limit teaching of race, racism Associated Press

5/10/21: House passes bill to bar Cooper from mandating COVID shot Associated Press

5/7/21: As vaccinations drop, N. Carolina may offer financial perks Associated Press

5/6/21: At funeral, fallen Watauga deputies remembered as 'heroes' Associated Press

5/5/21: N.C. bill banning Down syndrome abortions nears floor vote Associated Press

5/5/21: N.C. lawmakers advance bill barring mandatory COVID-19 shots Associated Press

5/4/21: N Carolina GOP advances bill to ban Down syndrome abortions Associated Press
5/1/21: Sheriff: Boone shooter attacked father days earlier Associated Press

4/29/21: N Carolina to lift outdoor mask rule, raise gathering limits Associated Press

4/28/21: Rep. Ted Budd enters North Carolina U.S. Senate race Associated Press

4/27/21: Ex-Justice Cheri Beasley joins North Carolina Senate race Associated Press

4/26/21: Apple announces 1st East Coast campus in North Carolina Associated Press

4/25/21: Drone operators challenge surveyors' turf in mapping dispute Associated Press

4/21/21: Cooper plans to lift gathering, distancing limits by June 1 Associated Press

4/20/21: North Carolina won't pass bill to ban youth trans procedures Associated Press

4/16/21: Jackson atop NC Senate fundraising; Walker coffers also full Associated Press

4/13/21: NC has 85,000 other vaccines for those with J&J appointments Associated Press

4/12/21: Wake County won't pursue criminal complaint of Louis DeJoy Associated Press

4/9/21: Cooper OK's bill offering K-12 students summer school option Associated Press

4/9/21: North Carolina sites to resume J&J vaccines after CDC review Associated Press

4/8/21: North Carolina sites halt J&J shots after adverse reactions Associated Press

4/5/21: N.C. bill would ban treatment for trans people under 21 Associated Press

4/2/21: Big effort aims to elect candidates with science backgrounds Associated Press

3/31/21: N.C. House advances bill to keep youngest kids out of court Associated Press
3/30/21: Democrats renew call for North Carolina to pass LGBT package Associated Press

3/29/21: Sen. Thom Tillis says he'll have surgery for prostate cancer Associated Press
3/25/21: North Carolina to open COVID vaccines to all adults April 7 Associated Press

3/24/21: N.C. court to decide if voter defamation lawsuit can proceed Associated Press

3/23/21: N.C. 6-12 graders OK’d to return with less desk separation Associated Press

3/23/21: Cooper eases North Carolina gathering, occupancy limits Associated Press

3/18/21: Ex-judge Cheri Beasley to run for U.S. Senate, advisers say Associated Press

3/17/21: Many N.C. college students qualify for COVID-19 shot April 7 Associated Press

3/16/21: Duke COVID-19 cases surge; fraternities blamed for many Associated Press

3/13/21: Medically vulnerable in US put near end of vaccine line Associated Press

3/11/21: Medically at-risk in N.C. able to get COVID shots March 17 Associated Press

3/11/21: Duke University says COVID surge threatens in-person classes Associated Press

3/10/21: Former NASA astronaut eyes US Senate, advocacy group says Associated Press

3/9/21: Cooper, GOP Senate leader aim to reach school reopening deal Associated Press

3/4/21: NC education board wants schools reopened by end of March Associated Press

3/4/21: Another Trump on the ballot? Lara Trump eyes Senate seat Associated Press

3/3/21: North Carolina health officials urge schools to reopen Associated Press

3/3/21: North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper receives COVID-19 vaccine Associated Press

3/2/21: State to vaccinate medically vulnerable starting March 24 Associated Press

2/26/21: Cooper vetoes bill that would force K-12 schools to reopen Associated Press

2/26/21: Biden admin to administer 3,000 daily vaccines in Greensboro Associated Press

2/25/21: Cooper, N.C. prison officials agree to release 3,500 inmates Associated Press

2/24/21: Cooper lifts curfew, eases gathering and occupancy limits Associated Press

2/23/21: N Carolina elections head: Delay ’21 city races, ’22 primary Associated Press

2/19/21: North Carolina to see further delays in vaccine delivery Associated Press

2/18/21: North Carolina faces COVID vaccine delays amid poor weather Associated Press

2/17/21: Cooper calls for improved warning system amid deadly tornado Associated Press

2/17/21: North Carolina moves to limit out-of-state access to vaccine Associated Press

2/16/21: Millions endure record cold without power; at least 20 dead Associated Press

2/16/21: Tornado levels homes in North Carolina; 3 dead, 10 injured Associated Press

2/15/21: NC GOP votes to censure Sen. Burr after impeachment vote Associated Press

2/12/21: North Carolina in better financial shape than anticipated Associated Press

2/11/21: 1 in 37 North Carolina vaccine recipients live out of state Associated Press 

2/11/21: Race to vaccinate older Americans advances in many states Associated Press

2/11/21: N.C. bill mandating K-12 school reopening OK'd by House Associated Press

2/10/21: North Carolina to open vaccines for teachers on Feb. 24 Associated Press

2/10/21: Cooper signs COVID relief bill distributing federal money Associated Press

2/9/21: N.C. Senate approves bill requiring K-12 schools to reopen Associated Press

2/5/21: NC Supreme Court: Dan Forest can sue over 2012 political ad Associated Press

2/4/21: NC lawmakers pass COVID relief, advance K-12 reopening bill Associated Press

2/3/21: NC Senate OK’s bill distributing federal COVID relief money Associated Press

2/2/21: Governor wants all districts to return pupils to classrooms Associated Press

2/1/21: N.C. lawmakers propose bill mandating in-person K-12 classes Associated Press

1/28/21: Cooper visits clinic pushing to overcome vaccine hesitancy Associated Press

1/27/21: Cooper extends curfew as GOP questions COVID-19 vaccine plan Associated Press

1/26/21: NC promises more vaccines for providers hit by shortfalls Associated Press

1/25/21: Transition to mass vaccination sites irks NC health systems Associated Press

1/22/21: N.C. colleges report first wave of cases as semester begins Associated Press

1/22/21: North Carolina health officials say 1,280 COVID doses wasted Associated Press

1/21/21: Small number of N.C. vaccine doses thrown out, official says Associated Press

1/20/21: North Carolina prisons get first wave of COVID vaccine doses Associated Press

1/14/21: NC to vaccinate those 65+; College students not prioritized Associated Press

1/13/21: Cooper activates NC National Guard amid 'security concerns' Associated Press

1/12/21: North Carolina lawmakers irritated over slow vaccine rollout Associated Press

1/8/21: Out-of-state residents can get COVID vaccine in N. Carolina Associated Press

1/7/21: NC governor, congressional members call for Trump's removal Associated Press

1/7/21: N.C. mulls incentives for prison inmates who get vaccinated Associated Press

1/6/21: NC keeps 10pm curfew; Those 75 or older begin vaccinations Associated Press

1/5/21: Most N.C. nursing home workers are refusing COVID vaccine Associated Press


12/31/20: More than 10,000 North Carolina students unaccounted for Associated Press

12/30/20: N.C. revises vaccine distribution plan, halts evictions Associated Press

12/22/20: NC Supreme Court removing portrait of slave owner ex-justice Associated Press

12/22/20: Governor warns of holiday COVID spread; no new restrictions Associated Press

12/21/20: North Carolina stores OK’d to deliver alcohol, sell curbside Associated Press

12/18/20: UNC suspends 3 fraternities that feds linked to drug ring Associated Press

12/18/20: North Carolina prepares to vaccinate nursing home workers Associated Press

12/18/20: N.C. Supreme Court orders new trial for death row inmate Associated Press

12/17/20: Gov. Cooper issues pardons of innocence to 5 inmates Associated Press

12/15/20: Cooper asks feds for more notice on vaccine allotment Associated Press

12/14/20: North Carolina awards 15 electoral college votes to Trump Associated Press

12/11/20: States get tracing apps to talk to each other as virus rises Associated Press

12/10/20: Ex-Marine to remain jailed in probe of paramilitary group Associated Press

12/8/20: North Carolina sets 10 p.m. curfew amid surge in virus Associated Press

12/6/20: Despite promise, few in US adopting COVID-19 exposure apps Associated Press

12/3/20: As virus spread worsens, NC is reluctant to add restrictions Associated Press

12/1/20: N. Carolina to get 85,000 initial Pfizer COVID vaccine doses Associated Press

11/25/20: North Carolina Supreme Court recount extended into next week Associated Press

11/24/20: North Carolina certifies November general election results Associated Press

11/23/20: Cooper revamps N.C. mask mandate, maintains occupancy limits Associated Press

11/21/20: Trump turnout helps N. Carolina GOP block Democratic advance Associated Press

11/17/20: Cooper warns N.C. counties of further virus restrictions Associated Press

11/13/20: Donald Trump wins battleground state of North Carolina Associated Press

11/11/20: Divisive, but direct: Mark Robinson aims to work with Cooper Associated Press

11/10/20: N. Carolina tightens gathering limits ahead of Thanksgiving Associated Press

11/5/20: Cooper on election results: ‘There is a lot of status quo’ Associated Press

11/3/20: North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper wins reelection Associated Press

10/31/20: Handful of races to set N. Carolina legislature rule, agenda Associated Press

10/30/20: Republicans on defense in North Carolina congressional races Associated Press

10/29/20: Cooper rakes in millions more than Forest in election leadup Associated Press

10/29/20: Two attendees at Trump North Carolina rally get COVID-19 Associated Press

10/28/20: North Carolina Gov. Cooper signs order preventing evictions Associated Press

10/21/20: N.C. maintains reopening guidance as COVID numbers worsen Associated Press

10/21/20: North Carolina scrambles to inform voters of absentee errors Associated Press

10/16/20: Ex- GOP lawmaker charged with assaulting poll worker Associated Press

10/16/20: Cunningham outraises Tillis, enters October with less cash Associated Press

10/15/20: Long lines form as North Carolina begins early voting Associated Press

10/15/20: N. Carolina ‘moving in wrong direction’ as COVID cases surge Associated Press

10/14/20: Cooper, Forest spar over COVID, economy at governor’s debate Associated Press

10/12/20: Thousands of N.C. voters wait weeks for absentee ballots Associated Press

10/7/20: Cooper tested negative for COVID-19 last month, office says Associated Press

10/2/20: Judge OK’s North Carolina plan to ease absentee voting rules Associated Press

10/1/20: Tillis, Cunningham spar over Supreme Court, absentee voting Associated Press

10/1/20: NC halts plan to resolve ballot issue with voter affidavits Associated Press

9/30/20: N. Carolina moves to Phase 3 but COVID progress is ‘fragile’ Associated Press

9/29/20: Appalachian State student dies following COVID complications Associated Press

9/26/20: Early vote shows signs of Black voters’ shift to mail voting Associated Press

9/25/20: 3 North Carolina death row inmates to serve life in prison Associated Press

9/22/20: NC governor: Outdoor venues could reopen at reduced capacity Associated Press

9/18/20: N.C. State parents OK’d to attend Saturday football game Associated Press

9/17/20: N.C. elementary schools may offer full in-person classes Associated Press

9/16/20: N.C. State eclipses 1,000 coronavirus cases among students Associated Press

9/16/20: NC lieutenant governor: Reopen schools without mask mandate Associated Press

9/11/20: 10,000 North Carolinians vote absentee in first week Associated Press

9/9/20: NC: Trump rally exceeded pandemic limits, but not illegal Associated Press

9/8/20: Hundreds of ballots accepted as N. Carolina begins voting Associated Press

9/8/20: E. Carolina University hits 1,000 COVID cases among students Associated Press

9/4/20: North Carolina kicks off mail voting as requests spike Associated Press

9/2/20: NC governor’s race sets pace for Democrats in the South Associated Press

9/1/20: Cooper orders gyms partially open, keeps bars closed Associated Press

9/1/10: Since reopening, 3K N.C. college students got coronavirus Associated Press

8/30/20: Voting groups scramble to reach college students in pandemic Associated Press

8/28/20: College towns growing alarmed over outbreaks among students Associated Press

8/26/20: Roy Cooper, Dan Forest agree to Oct. 14 debate Associated Press

8/25/20: North Carolina renters, colleges grapple with virus turmoil Associated Press

8/20/20: N. Carolina State University moving undergrad classes online Associated Press

8/19/20: N.C. colleges aren’t providing key COVID data to the public Associated Press

8/19/20: Colleges grapple with coronavirus as students return Associated Press

8/14/20: UNC-Chapel Hill sees two COVID outbreaks in reopened dorms Associated Press

8/14/20: NC death row inmate to serve life in prison, court rules Associated Press

8/14/20: Pregnant cows fatally shot on Charlotte radio host’s farm Associated Press

8/13/20: Forest abandons lawsuit challenging Cooper executive orders Associated Press

8/12/20: N.C. ‘reporting error’ fuels 200,000 COVID testing overcount Associated Press

8/11/20: North Carolina dog that tested positive for coronavirus dies Associated Press

8/7/20: Top state lawmakers want a presidential debate in N.C. Associated Press

8/7/20: North Carolina to relax 10-person limit for GOP convention Associated Press

8/7/20: Most NC parents won’t have option to send kid back to school Associated Press

8/6/20: Gov. Cooper: Trump’s coronavirus strategy ‘nonexistent’ Associated Press

7/29/20: Pence urges in-person school during visit to North Carolina Associated Press

7/24/20: Republican who had prominent role in redistricting to retire Associated Press

7/24/20: ‘Clear as mud’ housing refund plans irk college students Associated Press

7/14/20: N. Carolina students to have mix of online, in-person school Associated Press

7/7/20: N.C. residents won’t need a doctor’s order for a COVID test Associated Press

7/6/20: COVID-19 outbreak hits North Carolina women’s prison Associated Press

7/3/20: Trump backs Dan Forest in North Carolina governor’s race Associated Press

7/2/20: Churches with schools can’t OK concealed carry, Cooper says Associated Press

7/2/20: Cooper vetoes string of North Carolina reopening bills Associated Press

7/1/20: As COVID cases hit new high, N.C. delays K-12 reopen plans Associated Press

6/30/20: UNC fined $1.5M for inadequate campus crime reporting Associated Press

6/30/20: North Carolina to test all nursing home residents, workers Associated Press

6/25/20: GOP donor, ex-lawmaker Art Pope elected to join UNC board Associated Press

6/22/20: N.C. man arrested amid effort to move Confederate monuments Associated Press

6/19/20: COVID-19 is ravaging America’s vulnerable Latino communities Associated Press

6/19/20: N.C. community college head Peter Hans to lead UNC system Associated Press

6/18/20: North Carolina to test all prison inmates, staff members Associated Press

6/12/20: N.C. pleads for public’s help to stop COVID-19 spike Associated Press

6/10/20: NC Republicans abandon effort to keep Trump in Charlotte Associated Press

6/8/20: GOP lawmakers push bill to keep Trump, RNC in North Carolina Associated Press

6/5/20: Raleigh extends citywide curfew through Sunday Associated Press

6/4/20: RNC to conduct official convention business in Charlotte Associated Press

6/3/20: Trump won’t be in Charlotte, but RNC may still hold events Associated Press

6/2/20: Trump says GOP is pulling convention from North Carolina Associated Press

3/26/20: California DMV shuts all field offices to protect employees in coronavirus outbreak Sacramento Bee

3/26/20: California DMV saw an 82% drop in visits since coronavirus outbreak. Is it still ‘essential’? Sacramento Bee

3/24/20: Gavin Newsom has signed 11 executive orders. Here’s what they do about the coronavirus Sacramento Bee

3/23/20: Trump to postpone Real ID deadline because of coronavirus, giving relief to California DMV Sacramento Bee

3/5/20: Can Biden cut into Sanders’ California lead? At least 3.4 million ballots remain uncounted Sacramento Bee

3/4/20: UPDATE: California delegate count - Joe Biden gaining ground on Bernie Sanders Sacramento Bee

3/4/20: Conservatives lead in all 3 SLO County supervisor races. Will board shift further right? Sacramento Bee

3/4/20: How to track your California mail-in ballot through the counting process Sacramento Bee

3/3/20: Results are coming in for the California primary. Why counting all the ballots will take weeks Sacramento Bee

3/3/20: Bernie Sanders declared winner in California, the most delegate-rich state in the nation Sacramento Bee

3/3/20: Watch: California election coverage and results with The Sacramento Bee Sacramento Bee

3/3/20: California Election Day guide: What to watch for as the primary results come in Sacramento Bee

3/2/20: Half of the Democrats on California presidential ballots dropped out. Can you get a do-over? Sacramento Bee

3/2/20: A Sanders blowout or a delegate split? California to shape outcome of 2020 primary race Sacramento Bee

3/1/20: ‘Joe Biden is a friend of mine, but...’ Bernie Sanders hits Democratic rival in California rally Sacramento Bee

3/1/20: Pete Buttigieg is out – along with many other candidates on California’s presidential ballot Sacramento Bee

2/29/20: Tom Steyer drops out of presidential race three days ahead of California’s primary Sacramento Bee

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2/21/20: Bernie Sanders criticizes California’s voting system: ‘We risk locking out millions’ Sacramento Bee

2/20/20: Joe Biden is trailing Bernie Sanders by less than you might think, new California poll says Sacramento Bee

2/19/20: Green New Deal divides 2020 Democrats. Here’s how they’d take on climate change, wildfire Sacramento Bee

2/18/20: 'We can keep Donald Trump off balance’: Bloomberg adviser makes case for his candidate in California Sacramento Bee

2/18/20: Bernie Sanders stands alone at the top in California as Mike Bloomberg rises, new poll says Sacramento Bee

2/13/20: Ad watch: Did a California lawmaker’s husband pay for her campaign advertisement? Sacramento Bee

2/13/20: College is expensive. What will key 2020 candidates do about it? Sacramento Bee

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2/7/20: Fact check: Did Tom Steyer help get cash bail ‘gone’ in California? Sacramento Bee

2/7/20: Ballots are in the mail. 5 million Californians still have to do one more thing to vote Sacramento Bee

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2/4/20: Who can capitalize in California on Joe Biden’s drop to second tier in Iowa? Sacramento Bee

2/3/20: Bloomberg is spending hundreds of millions on 2020. He says he should pay more taxes, too Sacramento Bee

2/3/20: You can start voting in California now. But should you wait? Sacramento Bee

1/31/20: Michael Bloomberg to visit Sacramento, Fresno on Monday: ’Our Iowa is California’ Sacramento Bee

1/30/20: Tamales and an office in Oxnard. Here’s how presidential candidates are courting California voters Sacramento Bee

1/30/20: Here’s how California will award its delegates in the 2020 primary election Sacramento Bee

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1/15/20: Top priority for California voters heading into 2020 primary? Homelessness Sacramento Bee

1/14/20: Q&A with Joe Biden: Why he thinks he’s the best candidate for California voters Sacramento Bee

1/14/20: How the death of Joe Biden’s son informed his views on health care Sacramento Bee

1/14/20: Joe Biden says he’d consider Kamala Harris ‘for anything’ she wants, including VP Sacramento Bee

1/14/20: Joe Biden on housing: ‘No one should pay more than 30 percent of their income’ Sacramento Bee

1/13/20: Bernie Sanders surges to the top in new 2020 California poll Sacramento Bee

1/9/20: Fact check: Are California Republicans having voter registration changed without consent? Sacramento Bee

1/9/20: California cares about health care. Where do key 2020 candidates stand? Sacramento Bee

1/6/20: California Democrats want their own Green New Deal to fight homelessness, climate change Sacramento Bee

1/3/20: California Democratic Party settles sexual assault complaints against former leader Sacramento Bee

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12/30/19: How you’ll know if Gavin Newsom’s plan to turn around the DMV is working in 2020 Sacramento Bee

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12/19/19: ‘Billionaires in wine caves’: Warren, Buttigieg tangle over influence of money Sacramento Bee

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12/11/19: Bloomberg apologizes for stop and frisk, vows to win over Californians by tackling poverty Sacramento Bee

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12/3/19: Joe Biden nabs endorsement from Sacramento-area congressman as 2020 primary approaches Sacramento Bee

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11/29/19: California DMV wants $2.2 million to register voters ahead of 2020 election Sacramento Bee

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11/6/19: California justices skewer state law aimed at Trump’s taxes: ‘Where does it end?’ Sacramento Bee

11/6/19: Biden and Warren ‘publicly snub’ California Democrats and Latinos, state party’s leader says Sacramento Bee

11/5/19: California DMV ‘inappropriately’ shared customers’ Social Security information with feds Sacramento Bee

11/5/19: How should we cover the 2020 election? Tell us here Sacramento Bee

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11/1/19: Trump administration to pay California nearly $850,000 after failed census citizenship fight Sacramento Bee

11/1/19: Newsom names ‘energy czar’ amid California blackouts, suggests state could take over PG&E Sacramento Bee

10/30/19: In major shakeup, Kamala Harris pulls staff out of California to go ‘all-in on Iowa’ Sacramento Bee

10/30/19: Elizabeth Warren will soon open first California offices, Kamala Harris to add a second Sacramento Bee

10/29/19: Newsom says PG&E agrees to offer credits amid shutoffs: ‘It’s the least they can do’ Sacramento Bee

10/29/19: Uber, Lyft, DoorDash back ballot measure to weaken California’s new gig workers law Sacramento Bee

10/28/19: Republicans say they have a way to prevent PG&E power shutoffs: Halt this Democratic law Sacramento Bee

10/25/19: DNC selects California for sixth Democratic presidential debate Sacramento Bee

10/17/19: DMV awards multi-million dollar contract to Comcast for major tech upgrade Sacramento Bee

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10/14/19: Gavin Newsom demands PG&E pay $100 to each customer affected by California blackouts Sacramento Bee

10/12/19: California beaches and parks to be tobacco-free under new smoking, vaping ban Sacramento Bee

10/11/19: New California gun control laws limit firearm purchases, expand restraining orders Sacramento Bee

10/11/19: You’ll only be able to buy one gun a month in California under new law Sacramento Bee

10/11/19: California employers, schools can now seek gun restraining orders on ‘dangerous’ individuals Sacramento Bee

10/10/19: Gavin Newsom blames PG&E for California power shutoffs: ‘This can’t be the new normal’ Sacramento Bee

10/10/19: Stockton’s mayor doesn’t like Andrew Yang’s universal basic income plan. Here’s why Sacramento Bee

10/9/19: California jail inmates promised free medical visits under new law banning co-pays Sacramento Bee

10/8/19: Selling a DMV appointment is illegal under new California law signed by Gavin Newsom Sacramento Bee

10/8/19: New law bans California cops from using facial recognition tech on body cameras Sacramento Bee

10/8/19: California highway projects could lose gas tax funding as Newsom shifts money to mass transit Sacramento Bee

10/3/19: Stockton is giving people $500 a month, no strings attached. Here’s how they’re spending it Sacramento Bee

10/2/19: It’s a three-way race in California’s presidential primary. Kamala Harris isn’t included Sacramento Bee

10/2/19: The best of Apple Hill: An expert guide to the foothills’ orchards and food stops Sacramento Bee

10/1/19: California to appeal in effort to let voters see Trump’s tax returns Sacramento Bee

10/1/19: California isn’t doing enough to verify citizenship while registering voters, lawsuit says Sacramento Bee

9/30/19: Poll: Momentum grows for Donald Trump to be impeached and removed from office Sacramento Bee

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9/28/19: Sacramento ‘can’t bear the entire burden.’ Mayor slams Yolo for dumping homeless man in city Sacramento Bee

9/25/19: Trump and California keep clashing. Will it help him fight impeachment and win in 2020? Sacramento Bee

9/24/19: California DMV technology is ‘alarming.’ Can the new director turn things around? Sacramento Bee

9/20/19: California Democrats lash out at Trump over homelessness remarks. Nancy Pelosi remains quiet Sacramento Bee

9/19/19: Judge halts California law forcing Trump to release tax returns Sacramento Bee

9/17/19: Fact check: Trump says San Francisco can cut homeless population in half. Can it? Sacramento Bee

9/17/19: Amid sexual harassment investigation, GOP leaders ask California lawmaker to retire Sacramento Bee

9/16/19: White House says it knows how to cut San Francisco’s homeless population in half Sacramento Bee

9/13/19: California lawmaker under investigation for alleged sexual harassment Sacramento Bee

9/12/19: Should convicted felons on parole vote? 2020 Democrats weigh in on California proposal Sacramento Bee

9/12/19: California passes bill that stops cops from using facial recognition software in bodycams Sacramento Bee

9/10/19: Unions pour cash into CalPERS election, use mailer to highlight sexual harassment complaint Sacramento Bee

9/9/19: Gavin Newsom signs California vaccine law after activists’ arrests and Capitol protests Sacramento Bee

9/5/19: LeBron James wants college athletes to get paid. Will California pass a law to make it happen? Sacramento Bee

9/4/19: Do California colleges favor applicants with donor ties? Law would require disclosure Sacramento Bee

9/3/19: Hedge funds fight over wreckage of PG&E. Will California wildfire victims get paid? Sacramento Bee

8/30/19: Gavin Newsom, top Democrats strike deal to cap rent hikes in California Sacramento Bee

8/30/19: Travel agents, cartoonists and fishermen: New exceptions as California labor bill advances Sacramento Bee

8/30/19: You’ll still get paper receipts when you shop. California kills effort to reduce them Sacramento Bee

8/30/19: Tired of rent increases? They would be capped under this plan still alive in Legislature Sacramento Bee

8/29/19: California lawmaker was accused of harassment. Now his campaign spending is under investigation Sacramento Bee

8/29/19: Can a Midwest moderate win over California? 5 things to know about Amy Klobuchar Sacramento Bee

8/28/19: Are gig workers full-time employees? Several 2020 Democrats running for president think so Sacramento Bee

8/23/19: Live DNC Updates: Kamala Harris says it’s time to examine Donald Trump’s ‘rap sheet’ Sacramento Bee

8/21/19: PG&E’s CEO could make up to $110 million in bonuses if its stock rebounds, investors warn Sacramento Bee

8/9/19: Six Californians who shouldn’t have been registered voted last year due to ‘DMV errors’ Sacramento Bee

8/9/19: Are you confused by California DMV voter registration? You’re not alone, report finds Sacramento Bee

8/6/19: ‘Totally unconstitutional.’ Trump sues California over new law targeting his tax returns Sacramento Bee

8/6/19: Fact check: Is Joe Biden right that Kamala Harris failed to act on school segregation? Sacramento Bee

8/5/19: California Gov. Gavin Newsom calls for national background checks to buy ammunition Sacramento Bee

8/5/19: California sued over new law targeting Trump’s tax returns ahead of 2020 election Sacramento Bee

8/1/19: Fact check: Does Joe Biden’s health care plan do too little to rein in insurance companies? Sacramento Bee

7/31/19: Fact check: Did Kamala Harris block evidence that would have freed inmates? Sacramento Bee

7/31/19: Kamala Harris, avowed Giants fan, sports Dodgers cap at CNN debate walkthrough Sacramento Bee

7/30/19: It’s not just Trump. California’s new law could keep other presidential candidates off its ballot Sacramento Bee

7/30/19: Gavin Newsom OKs law forcing Trump to release tax returns to get on California’s ballot Sacramento Bee

7/29/19: California Republicans and Democrats are living in opposite universes on climate change, poll finds Sacramento Bee

7/29/19: Rapid Response: Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting renews calls for stricter gun laws Sacramento Bee

7/24/19: California DMV turns away thousands of customers as offices close for training Sacramento Bee

7/23/19: Gavin Newsom reveals plan for California DMV. Why he warns of longer wait times Sacramento Bee

7/23/19: Don’t go to the DMV on Wednesday. Why California offices will be closed until 1 p.m. Sacramento Bee

7/22/19: Darren Parker, California Democrat known as a ‘tireless fighter,’ dies of cancer Sacramento Bee

7/18/19: Tiny California fire agency overcharged $700,000 for wildfire work. Are others doing it? Sacramento Bee

7/17/19: Kamala Harris overtakes Joe Biden in new poll of California voters Sacramento Bee

7/12/19: Will utility rates go up? What California’s $26 billion wildfire plan means for you Sacramento Bee

7/11/19: California passes $26 billion plan to deal with wildfire threats Sacramento Bee

7/11/19: Gavin Newsom will decide whether Trump must release tax returns to get on 2020 ballot Sacramento Bee

7/8/19: Q&A with Elizabeth Warren: Why she thinks she can beat Trump and won’t attack Bernie Sacramento Bee

7/8/19: Elizabeth Warren is running for president. Five things Californians need to know about her Sacramento Bee

7/3/19: Trump administration still holding on to $9 million owed to California fire departments Sacramento Bee

7/2/19: Trump administration backs off citizenship question. What that means for California Sacramento Bee

7/2/19: PG&E says it could pay 2017, 2018 wildfire victims. Here’s why that needs Legislature’s OK Sacramento Bee

6/28/19: Fact check: Was Kamala Harris really one of the first to integrate Berkeley schools? Sacramento Bee

6/28/19: Newsom’s wildfire plan for PG&E, other utilities, needs two-thirds vote in Legislature Sacramento Bee

6/28/19: Debate fact check: Kamala Harris’s body camera comments didn’t tell full story of her record Sacramento Bee

6/27/19: Español es bueno o no? Californians divided on presidential candidates speaking Spanish Sacramento Bee

6/27/19: Rapid Response: Supreme Court’s census ruling Sacramento Bee

6/26/19: California DMV won’t face independent review over handling of Real ID, Motor Voter Sacramento Bee

6/26/19: Are California cops abusing privacy rights with license plate readers? Lawmakers open inquiry Sacramento Bee

6/25/19: California end its last out-of-state private prison contract Sacramento Bee

6/25/19: No Real ID needed for ammo purchases? California justice department contradicts Newsom Sacramento Bee

6/24/19: All California DMV offices will close for half a day in July. Here’s why Sacramento Bee

6/24/19: California lawmaker under fire for multiple cases of alleged sexual harassment Sacramento Bee

6/21/19: Will utility rates go up under Gavin Newsom’s wildfire plan? It’s complicated. Sacramento Bee

6/21/19: Gavin Newsom unveils $24 billion plan to tackle wildfires, PG&E bankruptcy Sacramento Bee

6/18/19: Tackling California’s wildfire recovery costs could cost as much as $50 billion under this plan Sacramento Bee

6/18/19: Is California prepared for a recession? Voters don’t think so. Sacramento Bee

6/14/19: What’s the California Legislature doing about wildfires? Not much yet Sacramento Bee

6/14/19: California DMV budget rises 17 percent — that’s $242 million — in Real ID push Sacramento Bee

6/13/19: Dog parks, playgrounds and a theater: California budget loaded with earmarks Sacramento Bee

5/24/19: Bernie Sanders headed to California for his first 2020 fundraiser Sacramento Bee

5/24/19: ‘No new taxes’ on middle-class Californians, say Democrats heading into talks with Newsom Sacramento Bee 

5/23/19: 'Be ambitious’: California Democrats see Gavin Newsom as a sign to move further left Sacramento Bee

5/22/19: California DMV gave incorrect Real ID to an immigrant with temporary legal status Sacramento Bee

5/21/19: Millions of Californians have faulty Real IDs. Here’s how to avoid a trip back to the DMV Sacramento Bee

5/17/19: Legislature won’t have power over PG&E when it comes to raising rates on customers Sacramento Bee

5/17/19: Guns, gas and soda – most California tax proposals died at the Capitol, but a few remain Sacramento Bee

5/16/19: Trump administration cancels $929 million contract for California bullet train Sacramento Bee

5/16/19: Should police be able to recognize your face? California considers plan to ban the technology Sacramento Bee

5/16/19: High-profile California housing bill dies without a vote: ‘I’m deeply disappointed’ Sacramento Bee

5/14/19: Kiosks, chatbots and a revamped website: Gavin Newsom’s strike team outlines a path to fix DMV Sacramento Bee

5/10/19: Jay Inslee wants to be Democrats’ climate change candidate. He paints animal portraits, too Sacramento Bee

5/9/19: 5 things to know about the newest Democrat to qualify for 2020 debate, Marianne Williamson Sacramento Bee

5/8/19: Deleted texts and ‘show stopper defects’: California tech official raced to launch Motor Voter Sacramento Bee

5/4/19: Sacramento’s March for Science draws presidential candidate, anti-vaccine counter-protesters Sacramento Bee

5/2/19: Who is John Hickenlooper? Five things Californians need to know as he runs for president Sacramento Bee

5/1/19: Where are the babies? California sees slowest population growth since it started counting Sacramento Bee

4/30/19: 3 days, 10 Democrats: San Francisco convention lures half of 2020 presidential field Sacramento Bee

4/29/19: A doctored photo and a lawsuit: California GOP battle takes a nasty turn Sacramento Bee

4/25/19: Gender quotas and travel bans to anti-gay states: Here’s how far left California is moving Sacramento Bee

4/17/19: Double-check your state tax refund: California is reviewing 23,500 it paid too soon Sacramento Bee

4/9/19: 3 million Californians might have to go back to the DMV after ID failure Sacramento Bee

4/8/19: Kamala Harris isn’t the only Californian running for president. Eric Swalwell joins 2020 field Sacramento Bee

4/4/19: 'Secret’ DMV office serving California lawmakers would be closed under GOP proposal Sacramento Bee

4/3/19: Harsh exchange with Democrat lands a California Republican in the Capitol ‘dog house’ Sacramento Bee

4/2/19: ‘Listen to our concerns.’ Democrats are ignoring the Central Valley in the presidential race Sacramento Bee

4/1/19: ‘Unions built the middle class’: Kamala Harris champions labor movement in Sacramento Sacramento Bee

3/29/19: Will Pete Buttigieg resonate with Californians? The ‘millennial mayor’ insists he’s qualified Sacramento Bee

3/29/19: California’s DMV submits hefty budget, asks for $168 million to prevent wait time crisis Sacramento Bee

3/29/19: DMV auditors found simple ways to give you a better visit: credit cards, tablets and texts Sacramento Bee

3/27/19: See where Democratic presidential candidates are campaigning in California Sacramento Bee

3/27/19: Audit lays bare DMV’s bad habits — ‘Reactive culture,’ poor planning and bad computers Sacramento Bee

3/21/19: If Trump wants to get on California’s 2020 ballot, he might need to release his tax returns Sacramento Bee

3/20/19: Who the heck is Andrew Yang? Five things Californians need to know as he runs for president Sacramento Bee

3/13/19: DMV anticipates ‘summer surge,’ as millions still don’t have Real IDs Sacramento Bee

3/6/19: Credit cards, payment plans, shorter lines: California lawmakers move to fix DMV Sacramento Bee

3/5/19: ‘Everything’s going well’ for Newsom, but Schwarzenegger wants Republicans back in power Sacramento Bee

3/4/19: ‘Woman of the year’ Kathy Griffin says she won’t support ‘another old, white guy’ in 2020 Sacramento Bee

2/26/19: Major California DMV account heading toward collapse, analyst says Sacramento Bee

2/26/19: You could register your car every other year under this plan to cut California DMV wait times Sacramento Bee

2/24/19: Democrats are ‘the enemy’: California GOP elects leader less focused on Trump Sacramento Bee

2/23/19: Tea Party supporter allegedly assaulted during protest outside ‘Build the Wall’ dinner Sacramento Bee

2/22/19: No rate increases for PG&E without state approval under proposal to protect customers Sacramento Bee

2/22/19: ‘Build the Wall’ dinner at Claim Jumper: California Tea Party fights GOP ‘establishment’ Sacramento Bee

2/21/19: California prisons to drop $5 fee they charge to inmates for doctor visits Sacramento Bee

2/21/19: Embattled California DMV gets its third director in just 32 days Sacramento Bee

2/19/19: Gavin Newsom’s housing lawsuit put 47 California cities on notice. Is yours on the list?​ Sacramento Bee

2/15/19: 45 and counting: California continues hitting Trump with lawsuits Sacramento Bee

2/13/19: Trump demands California return $3.5 billion from ‘disaster’ high-speed rail project Sacramento Bee

2/13/19: Could you get a digital dividend? Gavin Newsom wants Californians to profit from tech data Sacramento Bee

2/11/19: 150,000 Californians who paid for driver’s licenses aren’t getting them yet Sacramento Bee

2/7/19: More errors at the DMV: Thousands of customers can’t get licenses after paying early Sacramento Bee

2/6/19: California Democrats are ‘excited’ about Kamala Harris. But they like Joe Biden, too Sacramento Bee

2/6/19: College athletes could soon get paid in California, but not from the NCAA Sacramento Bee

2/4/19: Will Gavin Newsom be tougher on guns than Jerry Brown? Democrats are counting on it Sacramento Bee

1/31/19: You can pay $25 to have someone book your DMV appointment, unless this bill becomes law Sacramento Bee

1/31/19: Election officials said DMV wasn’t ready to launch Motor Voter. California went ahead anyway Sacramento Bee

1/30/19: Gas is getting more and more expensive. California lawmakers demand an investigation Sacramento Bee

1/28/19: Should convicted felons on parole be allowed to vote? Californians may soon decide Sacramento Bee

1/16/19: New legislative analyst will come to the Capitol from big finance Sacramento Bee

1/10/19: ‘You can’t make that up’: Newsom blasts DMV for not accepting credit cards at its offices Sacramento Bee

1/9/19: Gavin Newsom deploys strike team to fix ‘chronically mismanaged’ California DMV Sacramento Bee

1/9/19: California Democrats made plastic straws hard to get. Are paper receipts next? Sacramento Bee

1/8/19: DMV warns of longer wait times if it doesn’t get more money Sacramento Bee

1/7/19: ‘This is very personal to me’: Eleni Kounalakis pushes education at inauguration Sacramento Bee

1/4/19: Did non-citizens vote last year? California officials still can’t say Sacramento Bee


12/17/18: California DMV director steps down as agency struggles with Real ID, Motor Voter Sacramento Bee

12/14/18: DMV delay may have kept hundreds of Californians from voting Sacramento Bee

12/14/18: Trump faces backlash from California Republicans over move to deport Vietnamese refugees Sacramento Bee

12/13/18: Ax falls on Assembly Republican staff after California election losses Sacramento Bee

12/13/18: A comeback story? California DMV wait times dropping Sacramento Bee

12/6/18: Sacramento Bee files complaint over Motor Voter records Sacramento Bee

12/3/18: ‘We are Trump’s worst nightmare:’ Two sisters at California’s Capitol Sacramento Bee

11/29/18: Historic voter turnout in California fueled by anti-Trump sentiment Sacramento Bee

11/27/18: ‘The Candidate,’ a Napa Valley chef, ‘El Toro’ among Jerry Brown’s final California honorees Sacramento Bee

11/27/18: Blue wave crashes down on California senator who threatened lobbyist Sacramento Bee

11/26/18: It’s been decades since California Democrats had this much power at the Capitol Sacramento Bee

11/15/18: Trump to visit California wildfire victims as death toll rises Sacramento Bee

11/10/18: Harley Rouda declares victory over 30-year Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Sacramento Bee

11/8/18: California has 4.5 million ballots left to count. That could spell trouble for GOP Sacramento Bee

11/8/18: Did gas, homeless people and sick kids kill California’s water bond? Sacramento Bee

11/7/18: California voters want year-round daylight saving time. It still faces a tough road Sacramento Bee

11/6/18: Keep your eyes on these California races tonight Sacramento Bee

11/5/18: Federal officials monitoring Sacramento voting centers on Election Day Sacramento Bee

11/3/18: These five California House races could determine the future of Congress Sacramento Bee

11/2/18: Second suspicious package sent to California billionaire, FBI confirms Sacramento Bee

11/1/18: ‘If women vote, they will decide’ midterms, Dianne Feinstein says Sacramento Bee

10/30/18: Audit Motor Voter program independently, California watchdog says Sacramento Bee

10/25/18: You’ll get a deal on walnuts this year. Farmers won’t. Sacramento Bee

10/22/18: Motor Voter lives on at DMV, but California adds extra review to prevent registration errors Sacramento Bee

10/9/18: Motor Voter is on the ropes. California considers freeze of DMV registrations Sacramento Bee

10/8/18: Non-citizens may have been added to voter rolls, DMV says Sacramento Bee

10/5/18: ‘We’ve got a mess on our hands’: Millions of Californians still need Real IDs from DMV Sacramento Bee

10/3/18: Pets, pot and privacy: 10 new California laws that could affect you Sacramento Bee

9/30/18: Old marijuana convictions eased under new California law Sacramento Bee

9/30/18: New net neutrality law sends California, Trump to court once again Sacramento Bee

9/30/18: ‘It’s high time.’ Public companies required to have women on boards under new California law Sacramento Bee

9/29/18: OK to light up at California state parks and beaches, Jerry Brown says Sacramento Bee

9/26/18: What’s new in the world’s fifth-largest economy? Introducing California Nation Sacramento Bee

9/24/18: ’A superb public servant’: Longtime California official Cliff Allenby dies at 82 Sacramento Bee

9/24/18: Trump, climate change, carpetbagging: What you missed from McClintock, Morse debate Sacramento Bee

9/24/18: Wait times, Motor Voter and an audit – a tick-tock of problems at the California DMV Sacramento Bee

9/21/18: Hold off on new DMV tasks, Brown tells lawmakers Sacramento Bee

9/21/18: California’s DMV to undergo audit after all Sacramento Bee

9/20/18: ‘They are incompetent.’ Republican blasts latest DMV outage. Sacramento Bee

9/19/18: Brown exempts adults from wearing helmets on scooters Sacramento Bee

9/6/18: Motor Voter sparks unusual spike in ‘no party’ registrations at California DMV Sacramento Bee

9/5/18: California DMV mishandled thousands of voter registrations Sacramento Bee

8/31/18: California senator agrees to discontinue ‘fun-loving’ noogie practices Sacramento Bee

8/30/18: Women required on boards of public California companies under bill sent to Jerry Brown Sacramento Bee 

8/30/18: Should California public colleges prescribe abortion pills? The choice is up to Jerry Brown Sacramento Bee

8/24/18: Secret harassment settlements banned under California bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown Sacramento Bee

8/24/18: Republicans kill California bill giving legislative leaders more campaign cash Sacramento Bee

8/20/18: Cracker Barrel brings the taste of home to Sacramento Sacramento Bee

8/19/18: An expert opinion: What you need to know about the Cracker Barrel opening in Sacramento Sacramento Bee

8/16/18: Real ID isn’t the only problem with California’s DMV Sacramento Bee

8/9/18: Secret DMV office near California Capitol serves lawmakers and their staff Sacramento Bee

8/8/18: With Democrats’ help, California DMV dodges audit of wait times Sacramento Bee

8/7/18: DMV calls possible audit a ‘strain’ on resources, asks for more money Sacramento Bee

7/30/18: This lawmaker blocked anti-vaccine activists on Twitter. Now he’s facing a lawsuit Sacramento Bee

7/30/18: Drivers are fed up with the DMV. So are California lawmakers. Sacramento Bee

7/20/18: Want your kids to learn new tech skills? Tell their schools to apply for this grant Sacramento Bee

7/17/18: Thumping, castration and cages: Animal watchdog alleges pig-farm abuse Sacramento Bee

7/5/18: California's new consumer privacy law isn't as sweeping as you might think Sacramento Bee

6/28/18: Sweeping California consumer privacy bill approved by Jerry Brown Sacramento Bee

6/27/18: 'The most far-reaching privacy law in the country' heads to vote in California Legislature Sacramento Bee

6/27/18: Rapid response: Supreme Court's Janus vs. AFSCME labor union ruling Sacramento Bee

6/26/18: California elected officials get a pay raise Sacramento Bee

6/25/18: More lawmakers push Jerry Brown to remove California National Guard from border Sacramento Bee

6/22/18: More space for pigs, calves and hens? California voters will soon decide Sacramento Bee

6/21/18: 'There's something really rotten here': Impeach Trump effort divides California Democrats Sacramento Bee

6/20/18: Prank robo calls plague California lawmakers, top Democratic campaigns Sacramento Bee

5/18/18: Elon donor's son accused of assaulting 3 students Atavist

4/19/18: Bernie Sanders pushes for 'a moral economy' during Duke University visit Raleigh News & Observer

3/15/18: Do Elon campus police comply with public records laws? Alamance News

3/1/18: College, municipal police departments adopt restrictive reporting practices Atavist

2/28/18: At Elon University, a pattern of cloudy police practices Atavist

1/20/18: Tuition to rise 3 percent at Elon University Burlington Times-News

1/7/18: Elon moves to address campus suicides Burlington Times-News


11/24/17: Partisan and proud of it: How Dallas Woodhouse became the booming voice of NC’s GOP Raleigh News & Observer

11/24/17: A Woodhouse Thanksgiving makes your dysfunctional family gathering seem peaceful Raleigh News & Observer

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10/5/17: Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron in NC: Resist isolationism, identity politics Raleigh News & Observer

9/24/17: Longhorn Steakhouse celebrates 20 years Burlington Times-News

9/23/17: Alamance County not among those with suspicious child deaths Burlington Times-News

9/20/17: Therapeutic Riding Center to mark 40 years of service Burlington Times-News

9/20/17: Taxpayer dollars fund oversight and cleanup costs at Superfund sites Washington Post

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9/16/17: Elon students learn to listen across the aisle Burlington Times-News

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8/3/17: N.C. coal ash management: How an environmental disaster became a political one News21

6/21/17: Experts react to Trump administration’s proposed Superfund cuts News21

4/29/17: Group seeks to bring K-9 awareness to law enforcement Burlington Times-News

3/30/17: North Carolina repeals HB2 Burlington Times-News

3/15/17: Elon Eats: Hursey’s Bar-B-Q keeps it simple with stellar food Elon News Network

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3/14/17: University paying hundreds of thousands above assessed property values Elon News Network

3/13/17: SUB works to evaluate student participation Elon News Network

3/11/17: SGA passes Title IX bill urging Elon to have more inclusive bathroom accommodations Elon News Network

3/9/17: Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron to headline 2017 Fall Convocation Elon News Network

2/22/17: Elon grapples with lingering inclusivity concerns Elon News Network

2/14/17: Committee announces details of hiring process for new president Elon News Network

2/7/17: Elon begins parking lot construction next to McMichael Building Elon News Network

2/7/17: Elon administration grapples with legal demands, safety concerns of immigration ban Elon News Network

1/20/17: Report: Elon's socioeconomic divides among the highest in the nation Elon News Network

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1/17/17: Exorbitant meal plan costs make little financial sense for students Elon News Network

1/11/17: Elon increases tuition by 3.46 percent Elon News Network


12/8/16: Elon Law professor Michael Rich dies of cancer Wednesday morning Elon News Network

12/6/16: Trump to supporters in Fayetteville: ‘Reject the failed approaches of the past Raleigh News & Observer

12/6/16: Trump to supporters at Fayetteville: ‘Reject the failed approaches of the past’ Elon News Network

11/30/16: Lambert reflects on Danieley’s legacy Elon News Network

11/15/16: N.C. gubernatorial race still not called Elon News Network

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11/4/16: Obama silences angry supporters at Fayetteville rally Raleigh News & Observer

11/2/16: News Analysis: Education brushed aside in 2016 election Elon News Network

11/1/16: Elon Poll shows tight race for president and governor; Burr gains ground for Senate Elon News Network

10/29/16: Pence headlines "The Conservative Rally" in NC, urges voters to support McCrory and Burr Elon News Network

10/28/16: Accused ‘thug’ escorted out of Trump’s Kinston rally says he’s actually a supporter Raleigh News & Observer

10/26/16: Trump visits a recovering Eastern North Carolina city Raleigh News & Observer

10/24/16: Senate candidate Deborah Ross visit moved to Wednesday Elon News Network

10/24/16: Mike Pence, in NC stop, calls the election ‘a choice between two futures’ Charlotte Observer

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9/30/16: Tech pioneer Vint Cerf offers optimistic view of future of the Internet, artificial intelligence Elon News Network

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9/13/16: Volleyball off to blazing start Elon News Network

9/11/16: Volleyball wins Elon Phoenix Classic, extends win streak to six Elon News Network

9/10/16: Volleyball sweeps Friday doubleheader, wins 4th straight Elon News Network

9/10/16: McCrory says NC Chamber of Commerce helped write HB2 Elon News Network

9/7/16: Gender pronoun initiative hopes to fulfill Elon's mission of inclusivity Elon News Network

9/6/16: Ex-president Bill Clinton talks education, immigration at Durham campaign event Raleigh News & Observer

9/4/16: Major cultural event tickets up for sale shortly Elon News Network

9/2/16: Gender pronouns spark debate about hypersensitivity, free speech and inclusivity Elon News Network

8/9/16: Trump: ‘Second Amendment people’ might stop Clinton from picking judges Raleigh News & Observer

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7/22/16: Clinton supporter to share message of recovery Raleigh News & Observer

7/22/16: Sanders’ NC delegates rallying behind Clinton despite reservations Raleigh News & Observer

7/16/16: How Libertarians are trying to build their party in North Carolina Raleigh News & Observer

7/9/16: NC legislature’s plan to freeze some tuition, lower others raises concerns Raleigh News & Observer

7/9/16: NC residents are within 150 miles of $500 tuition Raleigh News & Observer

7/5/16: Trump blames ‘rigged’ system for FBI recommendation on Clinton Raleigh News & Observer

7/3/16: Garner Fourth of July celebration sparks excitement Raleigh News & Observer

6/30/16: Lawmakers allow needle exchange program Raleigh News & Observer

6/29/16: NC Senate votes to regulate release of body-cam footage Raleigh News & Observer

6/23/16: North Carolina Democrats join in sit-in for gun law changes Raleigh News & Observer

6/22/16: Clinton enlivens rally with talk of minimum wage hike, jobs plan Raleigh News & Observer

6/20/16: McCrory signs bill widening access to overdose antidotes Raleigh News & Observer

6/18/16: Details announced for Hillary Clinton’s Wednesday visit to Raleigh Raleigh News & Observer

6/17/16: Like father, like son: Two sons of state senators run for office Raleigh News & Observer

6/16/16: Mexican foreign affairs secretary highlights need for positive relationship with US Raleigh News & Observer

6/15/16: Senate approves bill increasing penalties on impaired boating Raleigh News & Observer

6/14/16: In Greensboro, Trump takes on Obama, Clinton, immigrants Raleigh News & Observer

6/12/16: Cooper attacks McCrory with comparison to Trump, contrast to GOP governors Raleigh News & Observer

6/10/16: NC congressional Democrats challenge Sanders to support Clinton Raleigh News & Observer

6/10/16: John Hood, prominent conservative pundit, not voting Trump Raleigh News & Observer

6/9/16: NC Republicans offer varying levels of support for Trump Raleigh News & Observer

6/8/16: Barnes & Noble launches price-match program at college stores Raleigh News & Observer

6/7/16: George Holding defeats Renee Ellmers in 2nd District’s incumbent showdown Raleigh News & Observer

6/6/16: Greensboro Grasshopper, a Marlins’ prospect, injured by a knife in ‘silly prank’ Raleigh News & Observer

6/1/16: North Carolina taxpayers told in error they missed deadline Raleigh News & Observer

5/31/16: NAACP blasts plan to lower tuition Raleigh News & Observer

5/27/16: Sanders backs Obama on transgender rights Raleigh News & Observer

5/27/16: NC native’s inspiring words on education go viral Raleigh News & Observer

5/26/16: Trump backs off transgender bathroom stance Raleigh News & Observer

5/25/16: McCrory: Connect teachers to business Raleigh News & Observer

5/25/16: Cooper to Tech Entrepreneurs: Help fix state government Raleigh News & Observer

5/20/16: Father Gerry Waterman bids farewell to Elon Elon News Network

5/20/16: Where are they now? Elon News Network

5/11/16: Updated: McEwen Dining Hall renovations delayed one year Elon News Network

5/4/16: John Kasich suspends campaign Elon News Network

5/3/16: N.C. considering making body cams non-public records Elon News Network

5/3/16: Ted Cruz suspends campaign, Trump becomes presumptive Republican nominee Elon News Network

4/26/16: Former Democratic presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig discusses campaign finance reform, House Bill 2 Elon News Network

4/22/16: Election is rigged against Sanders, Trump Elon News Network

4/20/16: 125 years later, ECC influence remains Elon News Network

4/20/16: Youngest mayor in city history adjusts to new role Elon News Network

4/19/16: Elon Poll shows Cooper ahead of McCrory in gubernatorial race Elon News Network

4/18/16: Elon Community Church celebrates 125th anniversary Burlington Times-News

4/13/16: Elon Community Church prepares for 125th anniversary Burlington Times-News

4/12/16: Residence strife hits Elon's campus Elon News Network

4/12/16: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bob Woodward to headline Fall Convocation Elon News Network

4/5/16: House Bill 2 receives heavy backlash from Elon community Elon News Network

4/2/16: Understanding HB2: Informational session educates Elon community on issues with controversial bill Elon News Network

3/31/16: Live Blog: Spring Convocation with Walter Isaacson Elon News Network

3/31/16: Convocation speaker urges innovators to strike a balance Elon News Network

3/30/16: Hotline Fling: Drop the phone Elon News Network

3/30/16: MisterWives to headline spring concert Elon News Network

3/25/16: Elon addresses state legislature law restricting LGBTQIA protections Elon News Network

3/16/16: Clinton dominates North Carolina primary, Trump edges out Cruz Elon News Network

3/10/16: Protests erupt at love-centric Trump rally Elon News Network

3/9/16: McEwen Dining to undergo major renovations Elon News Network

3/8/16: Elon faculty get involved in electioneering Elon News Network

3/7/16: Former president defends Hillary Clinton’s record at Elon Law School Burlington Times-News

3/7/16: Former President Bill Clinton visits Elon Law Elon News Network

3/1/16: Immigration, healthcare major focus at latest Republican debate Elon News Network

3/1/16: Elon community remembers Heidi Frontani Elon News Network

2/29/16: Slew of protests emerge at Donald Trump rally in Radford Elon News Network

2/24/16: Elon Dining finds its place in ‘local’ movement Elon News Network

2/23/16: Elon Poll announces latest results Elon News Network

2/23/16: Students struggle to register for housing through new MyHousing system Elon News Network

2/23/16: Onion founding editor offers students advice for sparking innovation Elon News Network

2/18/16: Explaining the importance of South Carolina and Nevada Elon News Network

2/18/16: Elon addresses need for sustainability awareness Elon News Network

2/17/16: Elon community conducts cancer research, seeks to raise awareness Elon News Network

2/17/16: Justice’s death remembered at Republican debate Elon News Network

2/16/16: Elon raises tuition by 2.87 percent Elon News Network

2/13/16: Live Blog: Republican Debate Elon News Network

2/11/16: Vice President Joe Biden champions fight for curing cancer Elon News Network

2/11/16: SGA rejects amendment removing "so help me God" clause from Constitution Elon News Network

2/10/16: Carolina Panthers reinvigorate fanbase Elon News Network

2/9/16: New York Times correspondent Adam Liptak discusses current state of Supreme Court Elon News Network

2/8/16: Education, campaign finance dominate discussion at Democratic debate Elon News Network

2/3/16: Elon releases Spring Cultural Events calendar Elon News Network

2/3/16: Iowa caucuses carry limitations, receive too much attention Elon News Network

2/3/16: Examining Election 2016 contributions: Clinton, Carson at top of the pack Elon News Network

2/2/16: Cruz wins Republican Iowa caucuses, Clinton and Sanders finish in virtual tie Elon News Network

1/26/16: Donald Trump to skip out on next Republican presidential debate Elon News Network

1/25/16: Trump, Cruz heated exchanges take center stage at Republican presidential debate Elon News Network

1/20/16: North Carolina’s small farmers: Dwindling in numbers and struggling to sustain a living Elon News Network

1/19/16: Minority economic struggles highlighted at Community Connections Burlington Times-News

1/19/16: Minority struggles highlighted at Community Connections Elon News Network

1/18/16: Healthcare, gun violence, education major focus at Democratic presidential debate Elon News Network

1/17/16: Accessing public buses in Alamance County: Link Transit prepares for summer launch Elon News Network

1/16/16: Town of Elon Police execute search warrant on West Trollinger Ave. for minor drug violation Elon News Network

1/15/16: Cruz, Trump go on attack against one another at prime-time debate Elon News Network

1/14/16: Live Blog: Republican Prime-Time Debate Elon News Network

1/14/16: Live Blog: Republican Undercard Debate Elon News Network

1/14/16: Undercard debate candidates share thoughts on education Elon News Network

1/12/16: Seven Republicans invited to main stage debate Elon News Network

1/12/16: Hillary Clinton to visit North Carolina next Tuesday Elon News Network

1/6/16: FEC releases updated presidential primary dates Elon News Network

1/4/16: Women's basketball holds off UNCW in CAA opener Elon News Network

1/4/16: Analyzing Winter Break: Students, professors, enjoy a much shorter break Elon News Network


12/30/15: Political analyst David Gergen to deliver 2016 Commencement address Elon News Network

12/29/15: Women's basketball's comeback attempt falls short Elon News Network

12/26/15: Graham’s Holland inducted into shrine at college, stays involved with baseball Burlington Times-News

12/25/15: Flynn leaves lasting impact on area senior golfers Burlington Times-News

12/24/15: Eagles make quick work of Graham in boys’ basketball Burlington Times-News

12/24/15: Going Local Elon News Network

12/23/15: Women's basketball loses early lead, falls 78-63 at No. 2 South Carolina Elon News Network

12/20/15: Democratic candidates share visions for education reform at third debate Elon News Network

12/20/15: Steve Harvey incorrectly reveals Miss Universe winner Elon News Network

​12/19/15: Elon women cherish latest feat Burlington Times-News

12/19/15: Graham boys turn away River Mill Burlington Times-News

12/16/15: Foreign policy at front of GOP debate Elon News Network

12/8/15: Dean of School of Health Sciences announces retirement Elon News Network

12/8/15: Late Night at McEwen to stay Elon News Network

12/7/15: Katerina Diaz '16 remembered at 'Gathering of Friends' Elon News Network

12/6/15: Two Elon students hit by car on Haggard Avenue Elon News Network

11/28/15: Sharing the moment means breaking tradition Burlington Times-News

11/22/15: Small farmers dwindling in numbers, struggling to sustain a living Burlington Times-News

11/22/15: Elon, Clemson to clash again in NCAA Tournament for men’s soccer Burlington Times-News

11/20/15: Special delivery: Elon rolls past Winthrop in NCAA soccer opener Burlington Times-News

11/19/15: Elon looking to leave legacy with tournament success Burlington Times-News

11/16/15: Anxious Elon lands home game in NCAA Tournament for soccer Burlington Times-News

11/15/15: Eastern Alamance holds on to reach state semifinals in boys’ soccer Burlington Times-News

11/14/15: Eden Morehead trips Warriors in overtime Burlington Times-News

11/11/15: Bracing for big things: Elon senior looks to build on success for tournament Burlington Times-News

11/11/15: Traveling to the Dominican Republic without identity Elon News Network

11/10/15: Elon University launches traffic safety initiative Burlington Times-News

11/7/15: Eagles score late to advance in soccer playoffs Burlington Times-News

11/5/15: Elon men stumble to conclude regular season Burlington Times-News

10/31/15: Eden Morehead pummels Bulldogs Burlington Times-News

10/27/15: Elon women’s soccer season closes with loss to William & Mary Burlington Times-News

10/17/15: Bulldogs cash in to win again Burlington Times-News

10/10/15: Bulldogs prevail in defensive tussle with Eastern Guilford Burlington Times-News

5/24/15: Where are they now? Elon News Network

5/23/15: Baseball ends season with 4-1 loss to Delaware Elon News Network

5/22/15: Elon baseball blanked 9-0 at CofC, faces elimination against Delaware Elon News Network

5/21/15: Lynch hits walk-off, Elon wins first CAA Tournament game 7-6 Elon News Network

5/14/15: How to gain access to your admissions records Elon News Network

5/12/15: Baseball drops regular season finale 7-0 to ECU Elon News Network

5/10/15: Late surge by Delaware hands Elon baseball team 10-4 loss Elon News Network

5/10/15: Baseball comeback falls short against Delaware on Senior Day Elon News Network

5/9/15: Baseball takes series opener against Delaware Elon News Network

5/6/15: Softball peaking going into CAA Tournament Elon News Network

5/3/15: Softball clinches No. 3 seed after Million extra-inning walk-off Elon News Network

4/30/15: Nick Beaulac is succeeding as a routine starter Elon News Network

4/29/15: Despite injuries, baseball has potential to excel going into postseason Elon News Network

4/26/15: Baseball splits doubleheader, wins series against formidable UNCW Elon News Network

4/25/15: Clutch hitting, Beaulac propel Elon to 14-3 thrashing over No. 22 UNCW Elon News Network

4/23/15: Another night, another 13 hits: baseball defeats Campbell 7-4 Elon News Network

4/22/15: Seven-run ninth leads baseball team to 11-9 win at UNCG Elon News Network

4/19/15: Elon baseball back to .500 with 13-3 win against Towson Elon News Network

4/19/15: Nine-run eighth hands Elon baseball team 14-4 loss Elon News Network

4/18/15: Jones four-hit performance lifts baseball team to 6-1 win Elon News Network

4/17/15: Track and field athlete Bre’anna Warren continues to improve under Shannon Popp’s leadership Elon News Network

4/13/15: Elon baseball loses rubber game 8-3 at College of Charleston Elon News Network

4/12/15: Elon softball splits pivotal doubleheader against Delaware Elon News Network

4/12/15: Baseball hands No. 26 College of Charleston first CAA loss Elon News Network

4/10/15: Seven-run first inning deals baseball 11-3 loss to College of Charleston Elon News Network

4/5/15: Lack of intensity leads Elon softball to rubber game loss Elon News Network

4/4/15: Softball splits Towson doubleheader Elon News Network

4/1/15: Errors, walks hand Elon baseball team 10-5 loss to UNC Elon News Network

4/1/15: From walk-on to starter: Josepha Mbouma is a rising star for the women’s basketball team Elon News Network

3/24/15: Baseball falls to NC State 14-0 Elon News Network

3/22/15: Phoenix baseball squad pummels Dukes 17-3 behind Elefante complete game Elon News Network

3/22/15: Crowe walk-off gives Phoenix sweep over Dukes Elon News Network

3/21/15: Moore, Beaulac deliver in clutch, give baseball squad first CAA win Elon News Network

3/19/15: Let the madness begin: which bracket do you like? Elon News Network

3/15/15: Former Michigan governor speaks about leadership at Elon Law School Burlington Times-News

3/13/15: Elon service in Africa draws mixed reactions Elon News Network

3/6/15: Elon students challenged to redirect sustainability initiatives Elon News Network

3/5/15: Elon students address homelessness in documentary for Home Matters competition Elon News Network

3/4/15: Elon professor provides insight about FCC net neutrality approval Elon News Network

2/25/15: Students, employers face challenges with internship hiring process Elon News Network

2/21/15: Vaccine roulette: breaking the myths to the controversy Elon News Network

2/21/15: Paris professor educates Elon on issues faced by Muslims in France Elon News Network

2/6/15: Debt lurks above college students Elon News Network

2/5/15: Law school enrollment on the decline Elon News Network

2/4/15: Bias incident generates diversity discussion Elon News Network

1/29/15: Elon hosts open forum in wake of racial bias incident, attendees disappointed with turnout Elon News Network

1/23/15: Racial bias incident reported to University Police Elon News Network

1/20/15: iMedia Sampler garners unexpected interest Elon News Network

1/15/15: Bat sighting in Lakeside Dining Hall Elon News Network

1/13/15: Charlie Cook scheduled to give Commencement address Elon News Network

1/12/15: Memorial gathering for dead Elon junior set for Monday evening Elon News Network

1/6/15: Lack of offense, turnovers hand women's basketball squad first CAA loss Elon News Network

1/5/15: Elon pulls off near comeback at Towson, falls short 57-53 Elon News Network

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